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PP Production Proveout 生产验证

TTO Tool Try-Out 工装设备试运行

(J1) Job 1 整车投产

DFMEA Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis 故障模式影响分析设计

DVP Design Verification Plan 设计验证计划

DVP&R Design Verification Plan & Report 设计验证计划和结果

FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis 故障模式影响分析

FPDS Ford Product Development System 福特产品开发系统

GYR Green-Yellow-Red 绿-黄-红

MRD Material Required Date 物料要求到厂日


TKO Tooling-Kick-Off 工装启动

OEM original Equipment Manufacturer 设备最初制造厂

FtF/F2F Face To Face 面对面会议

PV Production Validation 产品验证

OTS Off-Tooling-Sample 完全工装样件

QOS Quality Operating System 质量运作体系

TS-16949 Technical Specification – 16949 技术规范-16949

APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning 先期产品质量计划

IPD In Plant Date 进厂日

PPM Parts per Million (applied to defective Supplier parts) 零件的百万分比率(适用于供应商不合格零件)

PPAP Production Part Approval Process 生产件批准程序

Pre-PV Pre -Production Validation 产品预先验证


1PP- First Phase of Production Prove-Out 第一次试生产

3C Customer(顾客导向)、Competition(竞争导向)、Competence(专长导向)

4S Sale, Sparepart零配件, Service, Survey信息反馈

5S 整理,整顿,清理,清洁,素养

8D- 8 Discipline

ABS Anti-lock Braking System

AIAG 美国汽车联合会

ANPQP Alliance New Product Quality Procedure

Apportionment 分配

APQP Advanced Product Quality Plan

Backlite Windshield 后窗玻璃

Benchmark Data 样件资料

bloodshot adj.充血的, 有血丝的

BMW Bavarian Motor Works

C.P.M Certified Purchasing manger 认证采购经理人制度

CB- Confirmation Build 确认样车制造

CC- Change CutOff 设计变更冻结

CC\SC- critical/significant characteristic

CCR Concern & Countermeasure Request

CCT Cross Company Team

Characteristics Matrix 特性矩阵图

COD Cash on Delivery 货到付现 预付货款(T/T in advance)

CP1- Confirmation Prototype 1st 第一次确认样车

CP2- Confirmation Prototype 2nd 第二次确认样车

Cpk 过程能力指数Cpk=Zmin/3

CPO Complementary Parts order

Craftsmanship 精致工艺

Cross-functional teams 跨功能小组

CUV Car-Based Ultility Vehicle









DCC Design Change Control

DFA- Design For Assembly 面向装配的设计

DOE Design Of Examination试验设计

DQES Delivery Quality Evaluation System

DTL Direct To Line

DVP&R Design Validate Plan&Report设计验证计划报告

EDI electronic data interchange 电子数据交换

entire adj. 全部的, 完整的, 整个

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

ES Engineering Specification工程规格

ESI Early Supplier Involvement 供应商先期参与


FEU- Field Evaluation Units 用户市场实际体验与评估

first gear 一档

Flow Chart 流程图

FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

four-wheel drive 四轮驱动

FRG- Ford Reliability Guideline 福特可靠性指导

Front Windshield 前挡风玻璃

Tempered glass 钢化玻璃

front-wheel drive 前轮驱动

FSS- Full service supplier 全服务供应商

FTA Fault Tree Analysis

GD&T- Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing 标准公差

GR&R Guage Repeatability&reproducibility量具的重复性和再现性

grief-stricken adj. 极度忧伤的

heavy rain 大雨

high wind n.疾风

HTFB- Hard Tooling Functional Build 工装集成调试与验证

IPO Individual Parts order

ISIR Initial Sample Inspection Report

JIT Just In Time

KD- knocked down/ Semi Knock Down(SKD) /Completely Knock Down(CKD)

KO Kick-off

Laminated glass 夹层玻璃

LP-Lean Production 精益生产

LR Launch Readiness

LS Launch Support

LVPM Local Vendor Packaging Method

MPV Multi-PurposeVehicle 多用途汽车

MRD Material Required Date

MRO Maintenance,Repair,and Operation

MTP- Make to print supplier 照图加工供应商

N/A- Not Applicable

NCDR Non-Conforming Delivery Report

NCMAR Non-Conforming Material Action Report

NDA Non Disclosure Agreement 保密协定

NDS Nissan Design Specification

NML Nissan Motor Ltd

NVH- System Noise, Vibration & Harshness 系统噪音,振动及粗糙性

onetime adj.过去的,从前的

OSM- Outside of Material

OTC Over The Counter 非处方药,可在柜台上卖的药

PA Program Approval

pallet n. 托盘

Passenger Vehicle 乘用车

PAT- Program Attributes Team 产品属性小组

PDL Product Design Letter

PH Proportions&Hardpoints

PIPC- Percentage of Indexes with Process Capability 能力指数百分比

PIST- Percentage of Inspection points Satisfying Tolerance 检测点满意工差百分比

PMT- Program Moudle Team 产品模块小组

PO Purchase order

PPAP- Production Part Approval Process 生产件批准程序

PPSR Production Preparation Status Report

PQA Process Quality Assurance

PR Program Readiness

Pre-Launch 试生产

price-driven costing 价格引导成本

Production Preparation-Final Nissan - PT2/Renault - PP

Production Preparation-Initial Nissan - PT1/Renault - PPP3

Production Trial Run 试生产

Prototype 样件

QFD Quality Funtion Deploy质量功能展开

QFTT Quality Functional Task Team

QR- Quality Reject 质量拒收

QS Quality Standard

RAN Release Authorisation Number

reverse 倒车档

RFQ Request For Quotation询价

RKD Reverse Knock Down

RLQ Receiving Lot Quantity

ROC Rate of Climb

ROI return on investment 报酬率

ROP Re-Order Point

RTO Required To Operate

SAIS Supplier Assessment & Improvement System

SC Strategic Confirmation/significant Charac'teristics

SDS- System/ Design Specifications 系统/设计说明

second gear 二档


Shipping Date 出货日、Invoice Date 发票日或On Board Date 装船日

Side Windshield 侧窗玻璃

SJ Strategic Intent

SNP Standard Number of Parts

SOW- state of work 工作申明

SPC Statistical Process Control

SQA Supplier Quality Assurance

SREA- Supplier Request for Engineering Approval 供应商工程设计更改申请

ST Surface Tranfer

STRS Supplier Test Report System

Subcontractor 分承包商

Sunroof Windshield 天窗玻璃

SUV Sports Utility Vehicle

TAG Test Aptitude Graphique

TCO Total Cost of Ownership 总持有成本

TCRA Total Cost Reduction Activity

TGR Things Gone Right

TGW Things Gone Worst

TM Techinical Manual

TPM Total Preventive Maintenance

TTO-Tool Try Out 工装验证

UOM Unit Of Measure

VES Vehicle Evaluation System

VO- Vehicle Operation 主机厂

VPP- Vehicle Program Plan 整车项目计划

VQA Vehicle Quality Assurance

VTTO- Vendor Tool Try-Out 供应商工装验证

WERS- World Wide Engineering Release System

WVTA Whole Vehicle Type Approval

凹坑 concave

车床 lathe

抽查试验spot check test

出厂试验delivery test

次品defective product

调幅amplitude modulation (AM)

调频 Frequency Modulation

断差 offset

对讲机 interphone

法平面normal plane


返工 re-doing

防滑地板 no-skid floor


副作用side effect

改装厂 refitting factory

隔热板heat shield

后围侧板 rear wall side cover

划痕 scratch


间隙 interstice

节点pitch point



汽车总布置草图sketch for automobile layout

汽车总装配图automobile assembly drawing

汽油供给管gasoline feed pipe

汽油箱gasoline tank( petrol tank)

前围角板 front wall angle cover

轻型客车light bus


三类底盘 three type chassis

上模upper die

甚高频very high frequency (VHF)

下模bottom die(counter die)


选料上乘、做工精细be superior in material and excelllent in workmanship

仪表板 dash board


褶皱 crimple

整车运输transportation of truck-load

总装 final assembly


******扭矩转速speed at maximum torque

左对齐left justify


皮纹 grain

OTS OFF TOOL SAMPLE 用批量生产的工模器具制造出的样件

PVS Produktions Versuchs Serie 批量试生产

TMA Trial Manufacturing Agreement

2TP 两日试生产,主要是验证供应商的批量供货能力

OS 零批量,是批量生产前的总演习,批产的全面验证

SOP Standard Operation 即批量生产 Start-Of-Production Standard Operating Procedure 标准操作程序

QSV Qualitaes-Sicherungs-Vereinbarung 质量保证协议

BMG Bau-Muster-Genehmigung 产品工程样件性能检验认可

Nullserie 零批量

QSR 质量体系要求

Bias 偏差

DB Durability Build 样车阶段

lead time n.订货至交货的时间

sink mark 缩痕

LRR launch readiness review

Front bumper 前保险杠

Rear bumper 后保险杠

Radiator grille 格栅

Headlamp 前大灯

Tail lamp-liftgate 尾灯-行李箱盖上

Tail lamp-quarter 尾灯-后侧围上

Front door trim panel 前门内饰板

Rear door trim panel 后门内饰板

Interior release handle bezel 内开手把手框

Power controls bezel 电动车窗开关框

Window interior capping 窗框饰条

Exterior mirror 外后视镜

Body side moulding 防擦条

Cowl grille 通风格栅

Roof molding 车顶装饰条

Lift gate molding 牌照板支架

Lift gate handle 行李箱盖拉手

Weather strip_door openings 门框胶条

Weather strip_liftgate 行李箱胶条

A Pillar Trim A柱

B Pillar Trim upper B柱上

B Pillar Trim lower B柱下

Front scuff Plate 前门槛条

Rear scuff plate 后门槛条

Back panel trim lower 行李箱门槛条

Garnish trim-Quarter window

Cowl trim panel A柱下

Liftgate upper trim 尾门内饰板上

Liftgate side trim 尾门内饰板中

Liftgate lower trim 尾门内饰板下


Defroster panel 除霜盖板

Console 中控台

Steering column cover 方向机柱上下盖板

Cluster 组合仪表

Carpet 前地毯

Trunk carpet 后地毯

Front seat 前座椅

2nd row seat 第二排座椅

burr(金属) flash(塑件)毛边

gap 间隙

defective products 不良品

finished products 成品

disposed products 处理品

band-aid 创可贴

scratch 刮伤

dents 压痕

缩水 Shrinkage

缩水 Sink Mark

顶白 Stress Mark

YC (Potential Critical Characteristic) 潜在关键特性

YS (Potential Significant Characteristic) 潜在重要特性

Restriction of Hazardous Substances 简称RoHS SGS, BV, TUV, Intertek, ETC BV-Bureau Veritas 法国国际检验局

首检 First article inspection

自检 Self-inspection

全检 100% inspection

巡检 process audit

开箱检验 out of box audit

出货检验 out-going inspection

进货检验 in-coming inspection

例行检验 Routine checking

确认检验 Confirming

全尺寸检验 full dimension inspection

可靠性试验 Reliability test

在线检验 on-line inspection

线下检验 off-line inspection

1号厂房工艺布置方案图 proposal of the Plant I layout

2 套 two kits

J型转弯试验 test of J turn

保险杠 bumper

变光开关 simmer switch

薄壳式结构 shell construction

操舵力试验 steering effort test

长途客车 inter-city bus

车辆转移台 bus transfer

衬垫 pad

除湿器 moisture ejector

搭接 lap

怠速时 at idle

底盘平移台 chassis shuttle

吊运装置 overhead hoist

镀锌板 galvanized plate

发车前准备 pre-delivery

发动机托架 engine holding frame

发动机中置式客车 bus with under floor engine

反冲试验 kick-back test

返工 re-doing

防滑地板 no-skid floor

防破坏 vandal resistant

风洞试验 wind tunnel test

改装厂 refitting factory

钢化玻璃 toughened grass

搁梁 shelf beam

更衣室 restroom

工位 station

功率突然变化影响试验 test of effect of sudden power change

合笼 mate

恒温控制 thermostatic control

横风稳定性试验 test of crosswind stability

后围侧板 rear wall side cover

互换性 interchangeability

极限侧向加速度试验 limiting lateral acceleration test

阶路响应时间试验 step response test

结构完整性 structure integrity

静态操舵力试验 static steering effort test

举升 hoist

聚碳化透镜 poly-carbonate len

空气导流板 air deflector

宽敞悬臂式座椅 roomy cantilevered seat

亮丽的外表 smart apperance

磷化 phosphating

轮胎爆破响应时间试验 test of burst response of tyre

轮辋错动试验 rim slip test

轮椅升降机 Wheel chair lift

轮罩护板 wheel house


脉冲响应试验 pulse response test

内饰 trim

耐翻倾试验 test of overturning immunity


爬坡能力 grade ability

排水阀 drain valve

配电站 power transformer substation

拼装台 collector

频率响应时间试验 frequency response test

平衡水箱 surge tank

汽车平顺性单脉冲输入行驶试验 automobile ride single pulse input running test

汽车平顺性随机输入行驶试验 automobile ride random input running test

汽车悬挂系统固有频率与阻尼比的测定试验 measurement of natural frequency and damping raito of suspension

前围角板 front wall angle cover

嵌条 insertion strip

强制通风 ram-air ventilation

切割轮口 wheel -arch cutting

切齐 trimming

琴式驱动桥 banjo type drive axle

全天候空调系统 full range A/C

裙板 skirt

绕过障碍物试验 obstacle avoidance test

三类底盘 three type chassis

收油门后控制试验 test of control at breakway

输出马力shaft horsepower

水洼 ponding

瞬态响应时间试验 transient response test

随车工具 tool box

梭梁 stabilizing beam

缩微图纸 microfiche files

停机时间 downtime

通风口 duct

图例 legend

无公害柴油 clean diesel

线束 harness

消音器 muffler

小批量产品 be pilot

斜撑 bracing piece

悬架举升试验 jack-up test of suspension

压条 trim strip

腰带式安全带 diagonal safety belt

腰梁 waist rail

仪表板 dash board

移线试验 lane change test

异形钢管 special steel pipe

翼板 fender

隐藏式固定 concealed fastening

遮阳板 sun visor

诊断报警系统 diagnosis and alarming system

织物纹里铝合金 textured aluminum extrution

制动稳定性试验 test of braking stability

中涂 floating coat

转向盘回正性试验 test of steering wheel returnability

转向盘转角阶跃输入试验 steering wheel step input or transient state yaw response test

转向盘转角脉冲试验 steering wheel impulse input test

自动愈合的防腐材料 self-healing corrosion preventative material

总马力gross horse power

总装 final assembly

组合式客车车身 modular bus body

最小转弯直径试验 minimum turning diameter test

左侧围应力蒙皮 R/S stretching skin (road side)



内燃机intenal combusiton engine

动力机装置power unit

汽油机gasoline engine

汽油喷射式汽油机gasoline-injection engine

火花点火式发动机spark ignition engine

压燃式发动机compression ignition engine

往复式内燃机reciprocating internal combustion engine

化油器式发动机carburetor engine

柴油机diesel engine

转子发动机rotary engine

旋轮线转子发动机rotary trochoidal engine

二冲程发动机two-stroke engine

四冲程发动机four-stroke engine

直接喷射式柴油机direct injection engine

间接喷射式柴油机indirect injection engine

增压式发动机supercharged engine

风冷式发动机air-cooled engine

油冷式发动机oil-cooled engine

水冷式发动机water-cooled engine

自然进气式发动机naturally aspirated engine

煤气机gas engine

液化石油气发动机liquified petroleum gas engine

柴油煤气机diesel gas engine

多种燃料发动机multifuel engine

石油发动机hydrocarbon engine

双燃料发动机duel fuel engine

热球式发动机hot bulb engine

多气缸发动机multiple cylinder engine

对置活塞发动机opposed piston engine

对置气缸式发动机opposed-cylinder engine

十字头型发动机cross head engine

直列式发动机in-line engine

星型发动机radial engine

筒状活塞发动机trunk-piston engine

斯特林发动机stirling engine

套阀式发动机knight engine

气孔扫气式发动机port-scavenged engine

倾斜式发动机slant engine



中置式发动机central engine

左侧发动机left-hand engine

右侧发动机right-hand engine

短冲程发动机oversquare engine

长冲程发动机undersquare engine

等径程发动机square engine

顶置凸轮轴发动机overhead camshaft engine

双顶置凸轮轴发动机dual overhead camshaft engine


顶置气门发动机valve in-head engine

侧置气门发动机side valve engine

无气门发动机valveless engine

多气门发动机multi-valve engine

卧式发动机horizontal engine

斜置式发动机inclined engine

立式发动机vertical engine






二冲程循环two-stroke cycle

四冲程循环four-stroke cycle

狄塞尔循环diesel cycle

奥托循环otto cycle

混合循环mixed cycle

定容循环constant volume cycle

工作循环working cycle

等压循环constant pressure cycle

理想循环ideal cycle

热力循环thermodynamic cycle


活塞行程piston stroke

长行程long stroke

上行程up stroke

下行程down stroke

进气行程intake stroke

充气行程charging stroke

压缩行程compression stroke

爆炸行程explosion stroke

膨胀行程expansion stroke

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